Today I decided to keep it simple.  I was the only one having dinner, so I opened my fridge and decided to go with fish, mahi-mahi to be more exact.  Baking and grilling is the most common way to cook mahi-mahi, I decided to add some canola oil to a pan and cook it that way.  Once I patted dry the fish, I sprinkled the following: turmeric, salt, and pepper.  

Once the oil was hot enough, I cook the fish 3-minutes per side. Cook the fish on low, there was no skin to crisp, I just needed the fish to be flaky and delicious. Then I sliced some cubanelle pepper and red onion, added that to the fish, placed a lid over the fish and turned the burner off.  I kept the lid over the fish long enough to grab a plate and some utensils.  I served the mahi-mahi with a mixed salad, and some fried plantains.  

Dinner was delicious and very simple.  Remember: If you cook from your heart your food will always taste good.


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