Sunday Dinner en mi casa

What to cook on a Sunday? Let’s grill some ribs!

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I started with a dry run overnight.

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Then we prepped the charcoal grill by placing the hot coals on just one side of the grill.  Then we placed the ribs on the side that did not have the charcoal.  The idea was to slow-cook the meat and giving it some smoky flavor.

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After 4-hours. 3.5 hours in I grabbed a bottle of Shealy’s vinegar and brushed some of the vinegar (very Carolina flavor) and brushed it into the ribs, every 10 minutes or so for the last 3o minutes of grilling.  Then, I applied a small amount of a store-bought barbecue sauce (yes, I like to keep it simple, we bought a Kraft brown sugar flavored BBQ sauce at our local grocery store, IGA).  The sauce gave it a bit of sweetness that was great to tame some of the vinegar flavors we used earlier.


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