Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and the one we have to get done the quickest.

Breakfast the most important meal of the day, why?  According to an article found at Rush University Medical Center website states that one of the reasons why breakfast is so important is because it jumpstarts your metabolism which helps you burn more calories throughout the day.  From Monday through Friday I make breakfast faithfully, mainly because I want my teenagers to be fed before going to school.  Saturday and Sunda, it depends whether another family member is awake when I am fixing myself something to eat.

Today, for example, my morning started a little shaky, with the dog making a mess inside the house, then having a tire losing air and the car notification going off about the tire pressure…so when I got home I decided to treat myself to breakfast.


Something very simple, two eggs, two slices of honey ham, two toasts and cafe Yaucono.  It was cooked at the same time in a griddle and it was delicious and simple. A homemade breakfast is a lot cheaper than getting breakfast from a fast food or a restaurant.  Let’s do the math: 2 slices of bread are roughly 13 cents a piece, that is 26 cents for the toast. Two slices of honey ham are 21 cents each, that is 42 cents for the ham, and two slices of bread come up to 7 cents a piece, totaling 14 cents for two pieces of bread. Let’s add to that the light butter used for the toast that comes up to 22 cents per serving and I can say I used two servings, that totals 44 cents for the butter. The breakfast in the picture, minus the coffee comes up to a $1.26 cost.  If we were to go out to eat a similar breakfast, the cost would be no less than $5.00. So, start cooking at home and saving some money.

Some other simple, fulfilling breakfast ideas are oatmeal, cereal, and smoothies.  There is plenty to choose from! Just get up five minutes earlier than usual and allow yourself to fix some homemade breakfast to jumpstart your day.  If you cannot come up with ideas for breakfasts at home, use Pinterest, there are plenty of shared recipes that can help you create your own version, or can help you start making breakfast for you and your family.

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