Where do you get your inspiration in the kitchen? Who inspires you?

If I close my eyes and think about my childhood, my mind immediately goes to my Mama Yaya and Abuela Esther, my grandmothers.  I can see Mama Yaya stirring the pot making one of my favorites, corn fritters, or sorullitos de maiz how we call them in the island.  Then Abuela Esther, my God everything she cooks turns into a masterpiece, you could taste her love in her dishes.  For years my favorite dish made by Abuela Esther was white rice with stewed cube-steak. They both are my inspiration in the kitchen.  As a teenager, I would go to my neighbor’s house Cuca, and help her chopped green peppers and onions, or I would watch my aunt Manena fry some drumsticks.

Puerto Rican food is colorful and delicious, there is usually a story behind every dish or a memory.

Pincho de pollo.....desde Puerto Rico.....mmmmmm....:

Rellenos de Papas, Alcapurrias , Pastelillos de Carne!! OMG!!!:

When I cook I transport myself to a happy place, all those memories come rushing and I can’t help but smile, my childhood was amazing, and I am very thankful to those who in one way or another touched my life and help me become the woman I am today. I get my inspiration from my family and friends on the island, and my husband and my children inspire me every day.  My love for my family, just like my grandmothers, shows up in every bite they take off the dishes I prepared for dinner. What inspires you?

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