My name is Yarikza and I am a Latin Mama living in the state of South Carolina who loves to be in the kitchen.  I am originally from Puerto Rico and I have a passion for feeding others.  Growing up in my beautiful island, the food was always associated with family and good, happy times.  Once I became a wife and a mother myself, cooking was my happy place.  I cook for the art of discovering new flavors, new fusions, without planning or stressing out about following recipes.  Cooking for me is about me, is about mixing ingredients together and creating new, easy, affordable meals.

A year ago, I decided to quit my job to be dedicated to my children (teenagers).  My son was playing travel baseball and his schedule was so busy, I barely had time to take him to practice and to the games.  It was an uncomfortable rush, driving from place to place, rushing all the time.  Something that was meant to be fun became a source of arguments for all of us, so I decided to stay home.  Once I found myself at home, every day, I became sad, a bit depressed…I missed working.  I missed earning a paycheck and it was (is) a struggle to allow my husband to be the sole provider.  It seems to work for all family members, but for me, it’s a struggle.  My sadness took me more and more into my kitchen, it’s where I find my peace.

Then I made the decision to go back to school.  I decided that one is never too old to learn.  I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Science with a concentration in Human Resources Management.  I am happy to have a new dream, a new goal.  The hope is that once I complete my education, I can obtain a job in the Human Resource field.  In the meantime, some friends have encouraged me to start a new blog, where I can share my recipes and some kitchen tips for the regular, everyday cook, like me.

This site is meant to be fun and a little crazy, is coming straight from my heart, and I hope people read and ask questions, and even share tips of their own.  I would love sponsors to pop in because, in all honesty, a little bit of cash never hurt anyone.  A Latin Mama in the Kitchen is my new adventure, I want this adventure to be fun, informative, and as raw as possible. Let’s see what this Latina living in South Carolina gets cooking in the kitchen.